Nestled in downtown Sunnyvale, Natalia’s studio stands as a sanctuary for creativity. This meticulously curated studio is a main workspace for Natalia as well as a dynamic hub where a vibrant community gathers to explore their artistic side. 

Natalia, driven by a desire to create large-scale works, transformed this space into a multi use creative studio. The primary goal of this artist-run space is to foster a community that celebrates artistic exploration and growth. 

Throughout the year, the studio serves as a multifaceted venue, hosting an array of workshops, events, and art shows. The studio's strategic downtown location adds a touch of urban charm, inviting artists and art lovers to converge in this art space.

If you're are interested in renting this space for your special event, please use this form to inquire.

  • Location

    510 S Mathilda Ave Ste 7

    Sunnyvale, CA


    Studio is located on the 2nd floor, access through the stairs. 

  • Hours

    If you would like to visit the gallery to view the current exhibition or any particular artwork(s), please feel free to contact me to make a private viewing appointment by clicking here.