Selected for The de Young Open, community art exhibition of Bay Area Artist,   de Young Museum, San Francisco  

“Follow me” is a watercolor painting inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests that broke out around the world after the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The goal of the piece is to convey the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. Inspired by works of Wes Wilson and a new generation of activists, this piece was designed to be used as a call to action poster for the protest. 

"Follow me"  has been selected  by the jury to be featured in the exhibition The de Young Open at de Young museum, San Francisco, CA.  This “salon-style” exhibition, which will be installed edge-to-edge and floor-to-ceiling, promotes the local artist community.  Less than 8 percent of submissions made it into the final exhibition—more than 11,000 were submitted, and fewer than 900 made it to the final.

All proceed from this painting were donated to ACLU.