Seven Stages

The central theme of my work is the Seven Stages of Grief and the change that a person goes through due to life-changing events such as loss, isolation, and shelter-in-place due to COVID-19. From denial and frustration, through anger, depression, and bargaining, we reach acceptance, commitment, and rebuilding in life. Through my paintings and color, I walk along a path to achieve healing from my mother's unexpected death due to COVID-19.

The quality, direction, arrangement and orientation of lines that I use in my work evoke and symbolize the emotional state, as if through color and brushstrokes I am allowed to expose the inside of a soul. I use watercolor and masking fluid to achieve a layered look just as our psyche is. I want the viewer to experience the emotions with me.

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The series was created to bring awareness to Russian-Ukrainian war and to fundraise for humanitarian effort to help refugees and survivors of the russian aggression. All the proceeds are donated to World Central Kitchen. Portraits are reflecting the great strength women in Ukrainian army. Each piece is named after a city in Ukraine and includes flowers traditional to that region. All pieces are created using fragile soft pastel to represent fragility of a peaceful life and freedom. 

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2020- present

Secret Gardens

“Secret Gardens” is a series of watercolor landscapes. Drawing inspiration from travel, I got enamored with whimsy and intimacy of hidden gardens of Monterey and Carmel.

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Follow Me

Selected for The de Young Open, community art exhibition of Bay Area Artist, de Young Museum, San Francisco  

“Follow me” is a watercolor painting inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests

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